GreatSummary – Online tool to summarize articles for free

I read a lot and i read a lot of various topics from politics, technologies, sports to any interesting reads. And like most techies, a big chunk of my reading is done online. With me doing my Masters, i need to read even more. So i always wish that there is a tool that i can use to summarize a long document to a few key points (Being a techie, naturally i rely on technology). My wish sort of come true, when i stumble upon this website call GreatSummary.

It provides a tool with some algorithm to summary an article to a few key points.

Some info from the site on how it works

How GreatSummary Works
GreatSummary uses a patent pending algorithm to identify the major topics in a document.


This is a summary how the highlights look like

GreatSummary Highlights

So I’ve tested it out, some sites it does works well. On some sites the outputs are not satisfactory. I guess i can’t be too demanding since it’s still on the beta stage. But give it a try, I find it useful to give me a preview of the document without dwelling too long into it.

Thanks to James Yeang who posted this tool in his blog.