Twitter with Blu Powered by WPF

Just fell in love with this Twitter tool (blu) that is powered by Windows Presentation Foundation(WPF). It leverages on the goodness that WPF brings like great graphics, cool animations and a kick ass user interfaces. Check it out blu.

blu twitter tool

It offers many cool features but there is one feature that really makes my life easier in twittering. TinyUrl Integration, this feature is a real time saver. I just need to paste my link to blu and it will convert the link to a TinyUrl. 🙂

Here’s some info about blu’s features from their site

Unlimited tweets
With blu you can view unlimited tweets. Just keep scrolling and more tweets will be loaded and displayed automatically.

See the full conversation
Here’s another great feature in blu. You get a tweet, but it’s a reply to something you said earlier and you can’t quite remember what it was you said.

Usually, there isn’t a good way to see the first part of your conversation, but with blu, simply click on the arrow before the username and voila! Your tweet will flip in-place revealing the first part of your conversation.

Tiny url integration
That’s right. We’ve added tiny url support. Simply type or paste a link into the update bubble and blu will convert it for you. No extra buttons, no extra box.

Want to expand your link? Just click the ‘plus’ icon and blu will roll-back to the full url.

 blu intergates with tinyurl

Choose your favorites
We know you follow a lot of people, but perhaps you follow some individuals a little more enthusiastically than others. blu hears you!

Once you’ve defined your favorite tweeters with ‘Faves’, you’ll be notified whenever your favorite people tweet.



Another example of how great user experience matters. Check out how to program in WPF in its official site