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Try out Windows 7 RC

Windows 7 RC (Release Candidate) is out, this is the version where no more new features will be added. This is as near as the original that you will get when Windows 7 is out. So try it out. I’m a fan of Windows 7 beta and I’m excited to hear that they made quite some improvements to it.

Some of the things i heard from friends who tried it out are:

  1. Faster performance. A friend claim that its 30-40% faster than the beta
  2. XP mode which i blog about previously. Now you can use your legacy application in XP mode.

Go download Windows 7 RC it @ Downloading Windows 7 RC could take a few hours so use a download manager to speed things up. Get Free Download manager for free.

Windows 7 Beta upgrade to RC

For those of you who is using Windows 7 beta, there is no easy direct upgrade from beta to RC. However, there is a workaround and I tried it out and it works. Here are the step to it

  • Download the ISO as you did previously and burn the ISO to a DVD.
  • Copy the whole image to a storage location you wish to run the upgrade from (a bootable flash drive or a directory on any partition on the machine running the pre-release build).
  • Browse to the sources directory.
  • Open the file cversion.ini in a text editor like Notepad.
  • Modify the MinClient build number to a value lower than the down-level build. For example, change 7100 to 7000 (pictured below).
  • Save the file in place with the same name.
  • Run setup like you would normally from this modified copy of the image and the version check will be bypassed.

I got the workaround are from the Windows 7 news



Before doing the upgrade, you MUST do a backup. Use a free tool by Microsoft call SyncToy to backup your data to an external hard drive.

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Interview between the rich and the richer (Buffet vs Gates)

Buffet and Gates talk a little about Google towards the end of the interview. Near the end (skip to the 6:10 mark of the 2nd video) Fox’s Liz Claman talks about Buffett’s love of Google, quoting him: “Their moat of competitiveness is so wide and what they do is so tough to compare and to compete with that in that moat are sharks and crocodiles that no one can get near.”

Gates fires back, saying that Microsoft is undeterred: “Well, technology companies do for a period get in these wonderful positions and, you know, it’s great that there’s somebody willing to attack those moats. Microsoft is undeterred. We look at each one of those crocodiles and we say charge!”
Buffet responds “No shark wants to come up against him,” and Gates ends with “So, it is, it is a daunting thing, but consumers benefit when somebody’s willing to take that on and say, hey, we can do a better search product.”


Thanks to TechCrunch for the post.


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