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Happy Chinese New Year

Last year was a hectic year for me. With a lot of testing moments that I hope I can appreciate in the coming years ahead of me. Like the late Steve Jobs say, you can only connect the dots when you look back. I’m hoping whatever experience I have for 2011 will be the foundation for a better future.

Goodbye the year of the Rabbit. Hello year of the Dragon. Wishing everyone i know a great year ahead. 龍馬精神 & Gong Xi Fatt Chai

Silicon Valley Visit–An eye opener


I have been in the tech circle and the entrepreneurship circle for a number of years in Malaysia. I have always regard Silicon Valley as a very special place, some sort of Mecca for entrepreneurs. My visit there was a mind boggling experience and it is a place where i would like to stay longer. Maybe to do a start-up of my own Smile

After being there, talking to VCs, angel investors and visiting the tech giants around. I came into one conclusion. IMHO, Malaysia with its plans to emulate Silicon Valley has still a long way to go. Silicon Valley is special because of the soft aspect – people. Not its infrastructure, it is something that more Government officials need to realise.

Signing off from Dubai, in a 8 hour long transit.

Happy Chinese New Year!