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Key to start-up success

I was at echelon 2010 in Singapore and attended the Dave McClure’s keynote presentation where Dave McClure shared his thoughts on the future of internet start-ups (which is getting better and better) and why large VCs are not suitable for internet start-ups. Here are his slides.

Startup 2.0: A Silicon Valley Story

View more presentations from Dave McClure.


The most intriguing points about his presentation are what an entrepreneur should avoid and focus on in his/her venture. Here are good points that I’ve picked up:

  • Design and marketing skills are often lacking – Hire someone if your team do not have the skills.
  • Focus on user experience and distributing your product/services
  • Less is more – Focus on what your customer wants and use that as a basis to get feedback.
  • Early market validation – don’t wait for a year before you introduce your product to your customer.
  • Frequent customer feedback – have short development cycle to get frequent customer feedback

The detailed summary of the presentation is published here.

Enabling Your Business Ideas With Grants – Cradle Funds

Quite some time back, I wrote about some resources that Malaysian entrepreneur can check out to get their idea started. Cradle Funds had just launched its new commercialisation grant (RM 500k) to assist entrepreneurs in their ventures. Cradle has 2 grants, one for product development and one for commercialisation. With these 2 funds, Cradle had helped fill some of the gap in the funding ecosystem in Malaysia.

Cradle Funding Ecosystem

From what i understand, Cradle is keen to fund ideas/business that has technological innovation + potential to make money.So entrepreneurs “want-to-be”, check out the Cradle website to see how you can tap into it to kick start your ideas

Product Development Grants (CIP 150)

Cradle _TiE_A4

Commercialisation Grant (CIP500)

Cradle _TiE_A4

Attention Entrepreneurs – Resource to get your idea started

Recently I’ve been participating in many activities that involves in entrepreneurship or should i say the promotion of entrepreneurship. It’s always a fun and inspiring thing to do to talk to people who is so passionate and innovative.

I find entrepreneurs naturally very positive. They must be, else they will just stay employed. 🙂

I have many friends who have made it and many more who are just learning the trade. One thing i find very refreshing, in our country there are many opportunities for entrepreneurs to learn and get pre-seed funding.

Here are some of organization, clubs and events that is full of opportunities and information to help fellow entrepreneurs.

GEW (Global Entrepreneur Week)

GEW Malaysia

Here’s some info about what’s GEW about

For one week, millions of young people around the world will join a growing movement to generate new ideas and to seek better ways of doing things. Dozens of countries are coming together for the first time to host Global Entrepreneurship Week, a global initiative to inspire young people to embrace innovation, imagination and creativity. To think big. To turn their ideas into reality.


Cradle fund

Interested in getting 150K to fund your ideas? Cradle is the place to go. If you have a good idea, check it out there. You will need to write a business plan and submit via their website. You don’t need to be an IT company. Any ideas that relates to technology. Check it out at the Cradle website


MDEC & Microsoft Innovation Day

Similar to Cradle, you can get 150K to fund your ideas. MDEC work closely with Microsoft in promoting this to technopreneurs. Go to one of their events and check it out. Here’s the link where you can go. Microsoft Malaysia’s Innovation Day

Celcom Challenge

Celcom Developer Challenge

Another program by Celcom partnering with Cradle. You can get funding for you mobile ideas which will be the next big wave of innovation.

Malaysia Association of Creativity and Innovation (Macri)

Ok, you know there’s opportunities outside. How do you write the “right” business plan to get the necessary funding. Here’s where Macri can help. It is basically an inventor and entrepreneur club that you can go there to ask information about:

how to get Cradle/MDEC funding

IP protection

and various challenges that an entrepreneur might face

Go to their Macri’s website and join the Macri’s Facebook group