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TweetCraft – Twitter client for World of Warcraft


TweetCraft is an in-game Twitter client for World of Warcraft. TweetCraft is an open source Coding4Fun project and is available to download now.

TweetCraft Video

TweetCraft Overview

TweetCraft is an in-game Twitter client for World of Warcraft. TweetCraft has two major components:

  • Windows client – A Windows client utility that sends/receives messages from Twitter & TwitPic
  • Warcraft Addon – A Warcraft AddOn that sends/receives messages from Twitter

Key Features

  • Send/receive Tweets in-game
  • Upload in-game screenshots using TwitPic
  • AutoTweet Warcraft achievements
  • Auto-Tweet when you log in, enter an instance or change zones
  • TweetCraft is also extensible so that AddOn authors can build custom AutoTweet messages

More Information

Check it out!

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Microsoft Innovation Day @ Wisma MCA – 11 June 09

Microsoft Innovation Day

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Free Online Training on Developing Windows Mobile 6 Applications

Check out Ramp Up to get free training to upskill yourself. Here are some information about Ramp Up.

Ramp Up ( is a free online learning program for developers. We’ve just launched the “Develop Windows Mobile 6 Applications” track. This track, along with the other currently offered ones (eg, SharePoint for Developers, Visual Studio 2008), teaches the important skills in a guided path, making the learning process easier and more efficient. The easy-to-access content (provided by subject-matter gurus) is specifically tailored for the Ramp Up program, and offered in a variety of forms (article, v-lab, codecast and slidecast). Check it out now at, and see how Ramp Up can help you become more employable by learning important and marketable skills.

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Microsoft Innovation Day @ TPM(13th May 2009)

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Microsoft is having its Innovation day @ TPM. In this event, they will be covering an overview about Windows Azure and covering security vulnerabilities of web applications.

Date: 13th May 2009

Time: 8:30am – 1:00pm

Venue: Resource Center Auditorium, TPM


If you are around the area, do come and checkout.


Silverlight DeepZoomPix – A new way of showcasing your photos

This is a technology demonstration by Microsoft that allows you to view your photo’s in a whole new light. It’s really quite cool and I’m sure you will find it useful too. View a sample from Chris Leong’s DeepZoomPix Album


Here’s some overview of DeepZoomPix

Using Silverlight’s exclusive Deep Zoom technology, DeepZoomPix enables you to interactively explore and share photos like never before:

  • Enable a seamless experience for navigating large numbers of images regardless of Internet connection quality.
  • Make possible a “tactile” way of exploring and interacting with photographic images on the web.
  • Empower users to dynamically zoom in on photos without having to navigate to higher resolution versions.

You can directly access photos from Facebook, Flickr or any photo RSS feed and share your DeepZoomPix creation with the world through your blog or website.


Here are some snapshots of what you can do in DeepZoomPix

1) Different Layouts you can choose from


2) Zooming in to your pictures


3) Slide Show View

Deep Zoom Slide Show View

4) Some different layouts

Different Layouts



  1. These photos are from my buddy Daren Chong. Check out more great wedding photos @ Daren Chong’s Blog
  2. I’ve also share a similar post few months back. Check it out here

StarGazers now can use Silverlight to view the universe

Was looking for some cool Siverlight demo for me to do a presentation. And manage to find one that is quite cool.

Its called WorldWide Telescope by Microsoft Research.

What is WWT?

The WorldWide Telescope (WWT) is a Web 2.0 visualization software environment that enables your computer to function as a virtual telescope—bringing together imagery from the best ground and space-based telescopes in the world for a seamless exploration of the universe

I’m totally ignorant about astronomy and if anyone out there can tell me whether this is useful that will be great. I’m find this technology fascinating. 🙂


Viewing the universe with Silverlight



Zooming in to have a good look at Mars

Quick Test Reference for Visual Studio Team System

Finally you can get a cheat sheet on how to test in VSTS. Thanks to VSTS Rangers in providing a quick reference for the test features in VSTS.

This guide covers.

  • Setup Considerations
  • Web Test Considerations
  • Web Service Test Considerations
  • Unit Test Considerations
  • Load Test Considerations
  • Load Test Rig Consideration
  • Performance Data Collection And Usage
  • Load Test Results Store Information
  • Test Customization
  • Items Changed Or Fixed In Vsts 2008 Sp1
  • General Commands And Tricks (Not Vsts Specific)

Download it from

Microsoft Virtual Tech Days for Developers

Microosft Virtual Tech Days

What is it?
A 24 hour Virtual Event where you can learn about all different development technologies that Microsoft offers.

1st April, 2009


  • Windows Development and Frameworks
  • Windows Mobile Development
  • Office and SharePoint Development
  • Developer Tools, Languages & Practices
  • Web Development & User Experience

Get some details about the sessions here

Check it out at Microsoft Virtual Tech Days

Delete a project from Team Foundation Server

Deleting a project on Team Foundation Server is not that straight forward. Here’s how you can delete a team project

  1. Open the Visual Studio 2008 Command Prompt window.
  2. Change to the C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio 9.0Common7IDE directory. For example: cd "C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio 9.0Common7IDE"
  3. Run the TFSDeleteProject utility using the following command line. “TFSDeleteProject /server:YourServerName YourTeamProjectName”
  4. To confirm the deletion press Y and then press ENTER.

TFSDeleteProject utility then deletes the team project that you’ve selected

Microsoft Community Day – 13th Feb 2009

Microsoft User Groups is having a community day on the 13th February. They are lining up cool and exciting demos about Microsoft Sharepoint, Visual Studio Team System, System Center and Microsoft SQL server.

Do sign yourself up via Facebook