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Silverlight DeepZoomPix – A new way of showcasing your photos

This is a technology demonstration by Microsoft that allows you to view your photo’s in a whole new light. It’s really quite cool and I’m sure you will find it useful too. View a sample from Chris Leong’s DeepZoomPix Album


Here’s some overview of DeepZoomPix

Using Silverlight’s exclusive Deep Zoom technology, DeepZoomPix enables you to interactively explore and share photos like never before:

  • Enable a seamless experience for navigating large numbers of images regardless of Internet connection quality.
  • Make possible a “tactile” way of exploring and interacting with photographic images on the web.
  • Empower users to dynamically zoom in on photos without having to navigate to higher resolution versions.

You can directly access photos from Facebook, Flickr or any photo RSS feed and share your DeepZoomPix creation with the world through your blog or website.


Here are some snapshots of what you can do in DeepZoomPix

1) Different Layouts you can choose from


2) Zooming in to your pictures


3) Slide Show View

Deep Zoom Slide Show View

4) Some different layouts

Different Layouts



  1. These photos are from my buddy Daren Chong. Check out more great wedding photos @ Daren Chong’s Blog
  2. I’ve also share a similar post few months back. Check it out here

I'm on HWM Magazine

It is the first time for me to have my “face” in a magazine. Being a person who prefers to stay out of all this, it took me a long time and much persuasion from friends to put my picture in the article. As they say, people attached credibility when they can put a face to what people write. So being a pragmatic person, just “la” do it lo
Chris Leong on HWM
So this here’s my first article, about a Silverlight technogy with Deep Zoom feature. It allows you to zoom in to your pictures. 

You can download the softcopy here but the best way is. Buy a copy of HWM magazine; it features damn cool stuff about happenings in the IT world.
Here’s some links that you could checkout that I mentioned in the article

To view this, download Silverlight and here’s the softcopy of my Silverlight with DeepZoom article

Here are some snapshots of my article.


DeepZoom Tech

DeepZoom Tech


Hardrock - Best example of DeepZoom Technoglogy

Hardrock - Best example of DeepZoom Technoglogy


Some steps on how to do DeepZoom

Some steps on how to do DeepZoom

Obama's Inauguration with Microsoft Technologies

Just read some articles that Obama’s inauguration will be stream using Microsoft’s Silverlight technology…

Silverlight has been chosen to stream U.S. President-elect Barack Obama’s swearing-in ceremony live on the Presidential Inaugural Committee’s Web site. Microsoft is also working with CNN using its Photosynth technology. Check it out @ Silverlight to Stream Obama’s Inauguration and Microsoft, CNN team up to make historians out of inaugural attendees

Watch Obama here @

Obama on Silverlight

Slides to Innovation Day Jan & TechNet MSDN summit

I know i have not been updating my slides lately. Its really a very hectic few weeks for me as I spend a lot of time finishing up my presentation for a big event – Technet MSDN.

It was really a “good” experience because its the first time in my life that i need to present to 360 -380 people. Here’s the link to my slides for both events

Innovation Day – Building Interactive Applications with Visual Studio 2008

Technet MSDN – WPF & Silverlight – Sharing Skills and Codes

For those of you who wants to have the demo that i use in Technet MSDN. Check out Scot Gu’s blog . I “borrowed” his sample =)

New Silverlight Toolkit?

There is the new silverlight toolkit in town. It offers various controls that you can use to build rich internet applications. Now it is much easier for developers like me to create cool webpages with Silverlight.


Here are some of the screenshots of the charts that you can create online. To download the toolkit go to Codeplex.

Silverlight Charts

Silverlight Charts1

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