Create your own baby with Volkswagen

by Chris Leong

Of course not the real one. A virtual baby. Recently, I’ve just found a new marketing idea by Volkswagen to create the stickiness factor in digital marketing.

Not sure how’s the response, but I find it quite interesting and have tried it out by creating a baby of Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt (If they are still together la).

My thoughts

First, I don’t find the baby have any resemblance  with both Brad & Jennifer. At least I can’t find any. I’m always bad at seeing whether the baby looks like the father or mother.

But in terms of marketing value, I believe that they put a lot of thought into making it work.

1) The baby reacts to mouse movement. The baby’s head will move according to the direction of your mouse cursor

2) You can upload your picture and your partner’s picture or even search on the web for picture of others. (Hmmm… Now girls can fantasize on how their baby will look like with Brad Pitt as the father)

3) It’s simple to use.


Personally I find that this marketing idea can create awareness and good viral effect. But in terms of having brand or product awareness might be a bit weak. It only tells me that  I need to have a bigger car for the baby. But nothing much about why VW is THE car.


What do you think? Comment and tell me lar


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