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New charting controls for ASP.NET

Just found out from Scott Gu’s blog that there is a new charting tool for ASP.NET. You can download it from:

Download the free Microsoft Chart Controls

There are many sampels and documentation on how you can use this control. Now this is much more easier for developers to create interactive charts.

Check out the AJAX enable charts, that’s my favourite

ASP.NET chart Controls

ASP.NET chart Controls

Excel Tips & Tricks – Enter a Fraction in a Cell

When doing excel calculation, sometimes I want to display value as 1/3 instead of 0.33333. I just learnt that you can do that in Excel with just a few simple steps.

Microsoft Office Excel can display, and take data entry as, fractions as well as decimal numbers. To enter a fraction, simply prefix it with a zero and a space.


So to display the fraction one-third, type 0 1/3. This will display 1/3 but will have an underlying value of 0.33333333. The cool thing about this, is when you do a simple calculation, it will automatically convert it to fraction for you.

EG. 1/3 X 5 will convert to 1 2/3.

Try it out, I guess this is some of the hidden secrets of Excel that not many people know. At least I don’t, until now.