Excel Tips & Tricks – Enter a Fraction in a Cell

by Chris Leong

When doing excel calculation, sometimes I want to display value as 1/3 instead of 0.33333. I just learnt that you can do that in Excel with just a few simple steps.

Microsoft Office Excel can display, and take data entry as, fractions as well as decimal numbers. To enter a fraction, simply prefix it with a zero and a space.


So to display the fraction one-third, type 0 1/3. This will display 1/3 but will have an underlying value of 0.33333333. The cool thing about this, is when you do a simple calculation, it will automatically convert it to fraction for you.

EG. 1/3 X 5 will convert to 1 2/3.

Try it out, I guess this is some of the hidden secrets of Excel that not many people know. At least I don’t, until now.