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Month: November, 2008

New Silverlight Toolkit?

There is the new silverlight toolkit in town. It offers various controls that you can use to build rich internet applications. Now it is much easier for developers like me to create cool webpages with Silverlight.


Here are some of the screenshots of the charts that you can create online. To download the toolkit go to Codeplex.

Silverlight Charts

Silverlight Charts1

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Learn Tips & Tricks about MS Office 2007 in Times Bookstore

If you have time, do drop by. I heard there’s some freebies. Too bad I got class on that day…



Marketing War – Apple vs Microsoft

You know that competition is intense when you see Microsoft having an “I’m an Pc” booth just outside of an Apple store. Basically its a counter strike towards Apple’s I’m a Mac ads. If you haven’t heard about the “I’m a PC” marketing campaign check it out in Microsoft’s I’m a PC site. I wonder when will Digi setup a booth near a Maxis store. I guess things will get pretty ugly with the telco soon. (Yeah to the consumer!!) 


I just saw an Ad by Digi about offering free phone if you sign up for a 24 months contract. I’m eagerly waiting for Maxis/Celcom to come out with more goodies. (I need a new phone!!!)




Info from AppleInsider and highlighted to me by Ali Therani

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Want to know more about Windows 7?

Recently Microsoft gave a sneak preview about Windows 7. You can find some of the snapshot here in Flickr and watch the Introduction to Windows 7 in Channel 9

One thing interesting that I find about Windows 7 is that it is really light. I found this quote in a website that follows Microsoft closely. (Microsoft Watch).

“The senior vice president of Windows engineering continued: It has a one gigahertz processor and one gigabyte of RAM and it’s running Windows 7. And when I boot it, about half that RAM is still available today in the current build. And we’re going to keep working on that, and we’re pretty excited about the work that we’ve done on performance, and I’m pretty “excited about this class of machine and the work that we can do to deliver that Windows 7 on those machines.”