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Month: November, 2008

New charting controls for ASP.NET

Just found out from Scott Gu’s blog that there is a new charting tool for ASP.NET. You can download it from:

Download the free Microsoft Chart Controls

There are many sampels and documentation on how you can use this control. Now this is much more easier for developers to create interactive charts.

Check out the AJAX enable charts, that’s my favourite

ASP.NET chart Controls

ASP.NET chart Controls

Excel Tips & Tricks – Enter a Fraction in a Cell

When doing excel calculation, sometimes I want to display value as 1/3 instead of 0.33333. I just learnt that you can do that in Excel with just a few simple steps.

Microsoft Office Excel can display, and take data entry as, fractions as well as decimal numbers. To enter a fraction, simply prefix it with a zero and a space.


So to display the fraction one-third, type 0 1/3. This will display 1/3 but will have an underlying value of 0.33333333. The cool thing about this, is when you do a simple calculation, it will automatically convert it to fraction for you.

EG. 1/3 X 5 will convert to 1 2/3.

Try it out, I guess this is some of the hidden secrets of Excel that not many people know. At least I don’t, until now.

ALM Workshop – Slides

I presented in the Application Lifecycle Management Workshop on 18 Nov, Tuesday on “Governing Software Quality with Visual Studio Team System”.

Here are my slides



If you have a webpage still running on ASP, you can use this tool to check for SQL injections vulnerabilities. Microsoft Source Code Analyzer for SQL Injection

MS Outlook – Tips & Tricks

Everytime when I try to focus on doing work, I always got distracted by those pesky email notification. It pops up everytime there is any incoming email. Here is how you disable it.

Turn Off E-Mail Notifications
Because an e-mail notification icon appears whenever you receive new e-mail, it’s tempting to stop work and open new messages immediately. But you can turn off the notification and then check your e-mail when it’s convenient for you. Here’s how:

1. In Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, click Tools, click Options, click E-mail Options, and then click Advanced E-mail Options.
2. In the middle of the dialog box, clear the Display a New Mail Desktop Alert check box.

Office Tips – Save time with Format Painter

Spend a lot of time on duplicating formats of your Word, Excel or Powerpoint document? There is an easy way of doing this. Use Format Painter.


The Format Painter tool duplicates the formatting from one part of a document to another. So less manual work. How to use it?

  1. Select the text whose formatting you want to replicate. Click the Format Painter toolbar button.
  2. Then duplicate the text by selecting the target texts.

Samsung Omnia – 42 good things

Samsung Omnia is not only a good phone, but are really creative in marketing it. Sometimes i do get tired of looking at all the phone specs and trying to figure out what does it really mean for me. Samsung came out with a creative way of showcasing all its features, YouTube style.

When i was browsing through it, i find myself hook to the videos. They did a lot of best practices in making this viral. For one, these are short clips, interesting and funny. Check is out here


They even create a facebook entry to keep users posted.

I’m a fan, are you?

Innovation day – Great User Experience with WPF & Silverlight

Today, I just did a talk on a event called Microsoft Innovation Day. This event previews some of the emerging technologies and trends, resources, and business benefits. MDEC is also doing a pitch on how technopreneur’s can get pre-seed funding for their business ideas.

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If you feel like giving up? Watch this and be inspired

I always wanted to stay focus on stuff related to technology in my blog. But this clip really inspired me. It really makes me realized that how lucky we are and there should be no concrete reasons for us to give up. This reminds me of an email I read about

“if you complaint that you have crappy shoes, wait till you see a person without legs”

In this clip, I saw someone that have so many reasons to give up but did not. I don’t know about you guys, but I will be keeping this for a crappy day to pull myself up.

Cheers and enjoy

Digi Yellow Man Pwned By Celcom

Just saw a funny youtube video about Celcom Vs Digi (South Park style)… I can’t wait for Digi’s fightback 🙂

Another funny way of creating one’s brand awareness through digital marketing

Create your own baby with Volkswagen

Of course not the real one. A virtual baby. Recently, I’ve just found a new marketing idea by Volkswagen to create the stickiness factor in digital marketing.

Not sure how’s the response, but I find it quite interesting and have tried it out by creating a baby of Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt (If they are still together la).

My thoughts

First, I don’t find the baby have any resemblance  with both Brad & Jennifer. At least I can’t find any. I’m always bad at seeing whether the baby looks like the father or mother.

But in terms of marketing value, I believe that they put a lot of thought into making it work.

1) The baby reacts to mouse movement. The baby’s head will move according to the direction of your mouse cursor

2) You can upload your picture and your partner’s picture or even search on the web for picture of others. (Hmmm… Now girls can fantasize on how their baby will look like with Brad Pitt as the father)

3) It’s simple to use.


Personally I find that this marketing idea can create awareness and good viral effect. But in terms of having brand or product awareness might be a bit weak. It only tells me that  I need to have a bigger car for the baby. But nothing much about why VW is THE car.


What do you think? Comment and tell me lar


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