Outlook Tips & Tricks – Managing your folders

by Chris Leong

If you are like me, my Outlook mail have too many folders storing different types of emails. Searching for your folders can be messy.

Here are some tips on how to add your frequently use folder in your favourite list.


Favorite folders are shortcuts to your most commonly used folder. Think of it the same as your desktop shortcut. To create a favorite folder, simply drag any folder up to the Favorite Folders area and drop it.

Remember though, if you drag “too many” favorite folders then you will end up with the same problem. So it should some selected folders that you always use


Favorite Folders in Outlook

Favorite Folders in Outlook



The next time you need to access the folder, just click on the favorite folder.

To remove a favorite folder, just right click and select “Remove from favorite folders”. Do not, do not delete as it will delete the original folder as well

Remove folder from favorites