Microsoft Launched “Wonderwall” in MSN site

by Chris Leong

Microsoft just launched “wonderwall” for readers to have a fun place to check out the celebrity gossip. Basically it runs on flash and allows people to scroll and browse through their favorite gossip.

Personally i think that this is a good idea but I’m not too thrill about it.

To me, this is only a catchy way to create a “one stop celebrity gossip” wall but would it attracts throng of people to visit it? I don’t think so. Personally, i don’t think it creates that much of a pull factor for people to go in. At the end of the day, its just a nice way to display existing data from MSN entertainment.

But hey, I might be wrong as I’m definitely not a fan of celebrity gossip and could not care less whether who dates Brad Pitt or what’s the latest celebrity couple who just got divorce.


Here’s some info from a site that reported on how Microsoft would like to differentiate this site from others.

Microsoft hopes to differentiate the site in two main ways:

Visually. "This site really makes use of the screen real estate. It uses large, beautiful photography, creates great, rich slide shows, video within the experience itself," Bennett said. Wonderwall will attempt to "decommoditize" the stream of celebrity images available from providers such as WireImage by packaging it in interesting ways and applying a unique "spin and voice" on top of it.

Editorially. The site will try to strike a balance between the "catty, snarky almost to the point of disrespectful" tone of TMZ, Defamer and PerezHilton on one end, and the "puff piece, always-positive on celebrities" tone of sites such as," he said.