The Changing Faces of Marketing

by Chris Leong

There is this interesting video that I found about how the “conversation” between the Advertiser and Consumer has changed.

In the short film, Bring the love back, a smooth-talking male lead found that grandiose statements and superficial understanding were no longer enough to win the heart of his “consumer”. The movie was a word-of-mouth success, generating over 120,000 views and attracting links from over 370 sites.

This video highlights the increasingly growing gap between the marketers and consumers. It highlights the flaws of traditional marketing that relies on TV & Radio advertisements, outdoor adverts and printed adverts. Every brand will be preaching on messages like

  • Buy me, I will make you look thinner, prettier, younger and sexier
  • Buy me, You will look cool and girls will flock around you like birds

The common message is Buy, Buy, Buy. And if you have million of messages saying the same thing. Here is the amount of advertisement that an average American is exposed to

From the moment your radio alarm sounds in the morning to the wee hours of late-night TV microjolts of commercial pollution flood into your brain at the rate of around 3,000 marketing messages per day. Every day an estimated twelve billion display ads, 3 million radio commercials and more than 200,000 television commercials are dumped into North America’s collective unconscious”. (Wikipedia)

No wonder consumer are trained to ignore these messages and crave for a new type of dialogue. These days, progressive companies are focusing on life time revenue per customer rather than focusing on one-off purchases.

To do this, companies needs to be “friends” of their customers rather than just any other salesman.