5 simple things to get more traffic to your page

by Chris Leong


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Those of you who is following my blog will know that i am very passionate about digital marketing. I believe that this the future of marketing. Here are some of my insights I learnt about digital marketing.

A key factor in a successful implementation of digital marketing lies in how easy is it for people to locate your webpage. Therefore, the higher your webpage in raking among the search engines ultimately decides how many eyeballs you can attract to your website. The techniques to make your webpage more search friendly is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO normally focus on 2 key areas, PageRank and Keywords. This time around i will focus on Keywords and leave the explanation of PageRank to another post.

To make your post more SEO friendly, here are 5 simple steps that you could make your webpage more visible


#1 Describing your page

Title of your webpage

The first place that Search engines crawls is the title of the webpage.How many times have you seen home page with the title “Home”, “Page 1”, “Products”. This titles tells the search engine nothing about the page. Put something meaningful like “Malaysia’s ABC Electronics – the sole distributor of Zune” rather than “ABC Electronics”


Do the same for the description, make it as detail as possible within 255 characters.

Note: Never put  your title or description with something like this. “Chris Leong’s musings – Anything but porn and sex”. The first thing you must realize is, Google, Live Search or Yahoo are not humans. They don’t understand the meaning of the words, they index by keywords. The last thing you would like to see is that when people search for porn and sex, your webpage will be on the first page. 🙂


#2 Tagging your page

Bloggers would know what tagging means, generally they will tag their posting so that users know what the post is about. Same goes for webpage, it is easier for the search engine to know what the pages is about. Tag your page with specific keywords and not general keywords


#3 XML Sitemap

If you want to know more details of a book, sometimes you would browse through the table of contents to get an overall idea of what the webpage is about. Sitemap.XML works the same way. It allows the search engine to know how many pages you have and how deep they should index your page. Make it easier for the search engine to know what you have for them.


#4 Content

Content is king and your content must be updated frequently. Search engine will rank a page with lotsa update better than a page with no updates. Including a blog feature is one of the best way to engage with your readers and improve your search ranking. Many company’s website has already use this model and AirAsia is one of them.


#5 Naming your page, links and images

Search Engine also index your links and images. Therefore, don’t name your image of your post as Image1, or Image2 which does not mean anything. Put a meaningful name to your images so that you can increase the chances of web surfers bumping to your page. Same goes for your page links. If you have a product pages. Don’t name your link as “chrisleong.net/products.asp” give it a more meaningful name like “chrisleong.net/petaling_jaya_digitalcamera_shops”


As you can see, most of the tips here is quite simple. All it takes is some discipline in following it through.


I’m preparing a blog specially for internet marketing and need a good name for it? Any ideas?

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