Obama is a PC??

by Chris Leong

Read an interesting article that says that President Barack Obama is a PC. Don’t know whether that’s true, but it sure is interesting info to share.


Some excerpts from the article.

Exhibit A: "He sees the Intel logo every morning." (Okay, it’s the only exhibit. But I’ve always wanted to say "Exhibit A," and this seemed like a good opportunity.) Now, many Apple products do use Intel chips, right? Mac systems, though — as the sharp folks over at All Things Digital, who first noticed the sure-to-be-contentious quote, point out — don’t flash the logo around in the way that PCs do. So, even if it’s just a result of the White House’s Windows system stockpile, it looks like the leader of the free world is likely a man of Microsoft.

Check out the full article here. Uh Oh, Apple Fans: Looks Like Obama Uses a PC