Windows Mobile 6.5 Officially Announced

by Chris Leong

Microsoft just announce Windows Mobile. I have copied some of the comments from a post in Channel 10.

The New Look of 6.5

The Windows Mobile 6.5 software features a brand-new home screen with improved touchscreen interface. The interface resembles a “honeycomb” with hexagonal tiles for each program – a UI that promises to be more “finger friendly.” The 6.5 software allows for “fat finger touching” on a resistive touch screen so you can make more precise touches without need of a stylus.

The new interface also lets you go directly to your voicemail, text messages, and email, right from the Lock Screen:

My Phone

As for the services shipping with Windows Mobile, the free My Phone service lets you manage and backup your personal info from your device to a password-protected web service. This makes upgrading from phone to phone easier since data can easily be restored from web to phone.  The service also provides a portal where mobile content – like personal photos – can be shared with others. My Phone is currently an invitation-only beta.