Snippets: MySpace supporting Microsoft Platform & Twitter is hiring a VIP Concierge

by Chris Leong

Silverlight on Myspace

Looks like MySpace is supporting Silverlight and Windows Phone. Check out the link to the article

MySpace, the world’s premier social portal, today announced support for Microsoft Windows Mobile and Microsoft Silverlight. The new MySpace mobile application, available this summer, will run on Windows phones and utilize Silverlight, Microsoft Corp’s free browser plug-in that powers rich Internet application (RIA) experiences, into the MySpace Open Platform.

For developers out there, Here some news from Synergist’s blog about a kit for building Silverlight applications in MySpace Developer Platform.

On Thursday, April 2, MySpace and Microsoft will jointly release a kit on the CodePlex Open Source site (with the MS-PL License) that will make it easy for developers using Visual Studio and designers using Expression Blend to create Silverlight applications on MySpace’s OpenSocial-based developer platform.

Also check out his blog for some examples on how he uses the kit to do Silverlight in the Myspace Developer Platform.

Twitter Hiring VIP Concierge

Was reading some news about Twitter hiring a concierge to pamper said celebrities and VIPs to keep tweeting their hearts out. Got this article from TechCrunch. Funny how technology comes out with jobs that nobody heard of 10 years ago. For instance, SEO analyst/engineer and now Twitter VIP concierge 🙂