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Windows 7 will come with XP mode

This is really great news for those guys who is having application compatibility issues with your old apps. Here’s what they had to say in the Windows Blog

Windows XP Mode is specifically designed to help small businesses move to Windows 7. Windows XP Mode provides you with the flexibility to run many older productivity applications on a Windows 7 based PC.

All you need to do is to install suitable applications directly in Windows XP Mode which is a virtual Windows XP environment running under Windows Virtual PC. The applications will be published to the Windows 7 desktop and then you can run them directly from Windows 7.

I will be waiting for Windows 7 RC which will be coming up in early May to test it out.


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Visual Guide to the different usage of Twitter

There have been many questions about how Twitter can be use effectively. Here’s a useful guide about the various usage of Twitter. Nothing beats mind map in simplifying  things.


Here’s the guide



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Now you can use your messenger in Hotmail

After so long Microsoft have decided to add an instant messenger feature to Hotmail. This is one of the things i really wish Hotmail would have, since its rival Yahoo and Google already has a messenger feature in its mail system for quite some time.

But better late than never, now in your Hotmail/Live Mail you can sign in with you Windows Messenger and chat with your friends


Here’s some snapshots on how it will look like.






One thing though, this feature is not visible to the average user. Most of my friend did not know that this feature has already been added. Hope, they will make it visible like Gmail does.

StarGazers now can use Silverlight to view the universe

Was looking for some cool Siverlight demo for me to do a presentation. And manage to find one that is quite cool.

Its called WorldWide Telescope by Microsoft Research.

What is WWT?

The WorldWide Telescope (WWT) is a Web 2.0 visualization software environment that enables your computer to function as a virtual telescope—bringing together imagery from the best ground and space-based telescopes in the world for a seamless exploration of the universe

I’m totally ignorant about astronomy and if anyone out there can tell me whether this is useful that will be great. I’m find this technology fascinating. 🙂


Viewing the universe with Silverlight



Zooming in to have a good look at Mars

Trend Micro has a new anti virus for Windows 7 beta

Just got to know this when browsing through the blog The Road to Know Where

Microsoft Security software provider, Trend Micro, has released their Internet Security for Windows 7, providing smart protection for your home network, covering up to three (3) PCs.

Easy to install, configure, and manage, Trend Micro Internet Security for Windows 7 protects your home network, personal identity, and online activities against viruses, spyware, identity theft and other present and future web threats. Confidently e-mail, shop, bank, or share photos online, knowing your privacy and files are well protected.

I’m actually trying out Kaspersky in my Win7 beta. Will wait for a while to try Trend Micro’s.

Download and try it out here. Trend Micro Internet Security for Windows 7 Beta

Info in protecting yourself from the Conficker virus

Just got some information on how to protect yourself from the Conficker virus that is creating havoc around the world. Microsoft even offer a USE250k reward to find the culprit.

Anyway, here are some links that offers good information about getting yourself protect.

Microsoft has published new information today on the following web pages:

On a separate note,

A friend of mine, who is knows a lot about security has recently gave me some decent advise about security. He mentioned these few tips.

  1. You should not log in as an admin to do your daily work/web surfing. Log in as normal user and only use admin when necessary
  2. If you have more than 1 pc, don’t use the same PC for downloading all your torrents, mp3s, movies and etc, and do your online banking. Use a different PC
  3. Make sure you update all your patches and anti virus

It make sense, but I’m also guilty in not applying some of his advice. I guess i need to remind myself to be discipline.

Anyway, to learn the 4 steps to protect your computer. check it out @ this site

and check out my friends blog @

The Future as Microsoft sees it

Here are a bunch of video’s on YouTube how the future looks like according to Microsoft. It looks like something out of the Minority Report.

Hmmm one question though, the doors in the future still looks the same. You still need to push it to open it.

Wonder whether its one of the things that would never change like the umbrella.  The basic form of the umbrella still looks the same from the Ching Dynasty till now. (There’s no facts with this statement, just my observation from HK movies) 🙂


Microsoft’s 2019 Future Vision Montage

Snippets – What I have been reading about (Tony Robbins, IE8, Gmail)

Quote about Faith & Fear

What’s the difference between fear & faith? Both are made up. Fear is imagination undirected & faith is your power to direct imagination – Got from Tony Robbins tweet


A fantastic video about the “Failure: The Secret to Success” By Honda

Love this short video. Since I’ve been facing some obstacles lately, its a good dose of motivation and inspiration for me.


The official launch of Internet Explorer 8

Been trying out IE8, Chrome and Firefox for a while. But Microsoft just launched IE8 officially. So for folks who do not like to use beta software, here’s a chance for you to try it out

Something about IE8

  • Safer.  Built-in phishing and malware protection along with click-jacking and cross-site scripting prevention protects you from threats on the Internet. InPrivate browsing & filters let you maintain confidentiality when needed. See the whitepaper here.
  • Easier. With Web Slices, content updates from your favorite sites are now accessible right from your favorites bar no matter where you are on the web. See the gallery here.
  • Faster. With IE 8, it takes much fewer steps to complete key tasks than in FF. E.g. Mapping an address in IE8 takes 3 steps, while in FF, it takes 7.  In side-by-side measures of speed in opening the top 25 websites worldwide, IE8 was as fast or faster than Firefox and Chrome. IE8 is faster than IE7 by 80% in common micro-benchmarks. See the video here.

Download Internet Explorer 8 here


Gmail’s new feature – Undo Send

This got to be a life saver for me. I don’t know bout you folks, but I’m one of the few who manage to “jump the gun” by sending emails out without attachments. I always think how nice if i could “stop” the mail from being sent out. This folks from the Gmail team added a new feature that would be useful. This is especially true for folks who often write angry emails and sent it out.

Check out what they are saying in Gmails blog. To use this new feature, go to Settings –> Labs and look for undo send

Gmail Undo Send

Blog Snippet – Online Pay to Pray is definitely not a good use of technology

Anyone who follows my blog will know that I’m a strong believer in technology. I truly believe that technology use correctly, can improve the life of people. Not only in terms of productivity but also in terms of relationship with friends and families.

Look at how Facebook helps you connect with long lost friends. And the magic of MSN messenger and Skype in helping you talk to friends and family from afar. Technology should help people as a “tool” to reach out and touch more people.

To me, technology is never here to replace the actual relationship building process. You should never use technology to replace yourself in playing with your kids, having fun with your friends and family and definitely not building your relationship with GOD.

That’s why when i read the article from TechCruch’s Too Busy To Pray? Don’t Worry – Indulgences Are Back!, i feel that i need to let my “2 cents” about this. I’m not a religious person but i do believe that no matter what your religion is, it should be a sacred relationship between you and GOD. You can’t and should not ask a computer to pray for you.

 Here’s the description of service offer by Information Age Prayer and the picture to its services it offers.

Information Age Prayer is a subscription service utilizing a computer with text-to-speech capability to incant your prayers each day. It gives you the satisfaction of knowing that your prayers will always be said even if you wake up late, or forget.

Enough of my 2 cents. My point is, praying is a choice not a task. Don’t hire a machine to do it for you.



If you folks out there who like the idea of paying for a computer to pray for you and seriously think of subscribing. Let me offer you a “free” solution. Go to Control Panel –> Ease Of Access. Look for speech to text. Type in what ever prayer you want and the computer will pray for you.

Yes i still think its stupid, but at least its less stupid for someone to pay for the service (You are paying good money for nothing). Better save that money to boost the local economy. At least, someone working hard can benefit from it.



A Video of the Future

Just saw an interesting video about how Microsoft’s vision of the future. Check it out.

 Future Vision Montage
Future Vision Montage

Future Vision MontageEnvision how emerging technologies, evolving trends, and global change might come together to improve our lives at work and home across multiple real life scenarios.