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The new look of Facebook

TechCrunch just showcase Facebook’s new look that will go live next week. Check it out here. Haven’t really gave much thoughts on whether i will like it. But I’m sure i will be hearing some feedbacks from the hardcore Facebook users.

But one interesting change that i find useful would be the friends limit. Facebook has just remove the maximum 5000 friends limit. (Not that i have 5000 friends in my account).

You can also check out for more information directly from Facebook

Facebook New Look


More screen shots here

Updates for Windows 7 Client Beta


Windows 7 Beta users. Just found out there are some updates that you need to install manually. Install this update to resolve issues with non-compatible applications for Windows 7 Beta.

Get it here Update for Windows 7 Client Beta (KB967062)

Harvard Reference Generator for Free

I found this useful tool to assist me in generating references for my assignments. This really makes my life easier and I thought it would be beneficial to share this out. In this tool, you can reference your source by:

  • Referencing a Book
  • Referencing a Chapter of a Book
  • Referencing a Journal Article
  • Referencing a Website
  • Referencing an e-mail


Check out Harvard Reference Generator.


Another great tool to try out will be Great Summary, a tool that helps you summarize web articles in a jiffy.

Twitter with Blu Powered by WPF

Just fell in love with this Twitter tool (blu) that is powered by Windows Presentation Foundation(WPF). It leverages on the goodness that WPF brings like great graphics, cool animations and a kick ass user interfaces. Check it out blu.

blu twitter tool

It offers many cool features but there is one feature that really makes my life easier in twittering. TinyUrl Integration, this feature is a real time saver. I just need to paste my link to blu and it will convert the link to a TinyUrl. 🙂

Here’s some info about blu’s features from their site

Unlimited tweets
With blu you can view unlimited tweets. Just keep scrolling and more tweets will be loaded and displayed automatically.

See the full conversation
Here’s another great feature in blu. You get a tweet, but it’s a reply to something you said earlier and you can’t quite remember what it was you said.

Usually, there isn’t a good way to see the first part of your conversation, but with blu, simply click on the arrow before the username and voila! Your tweet will flip in-place revealing the first part of your conversation.

Tiny url integration
That’s right. We’ve added tiny url support. Simply type or paste a link into the update bubble and blu will convert it for you. No extra buttons, no extra box.

Want to expand your link? Just click the ‘plus’ icon and blu will roll-back to the full url.

 blu intergates with tinyurl

Choose your favorites
We know you follow a lot of people, but perhaps you follow some individuals a little more enthusiastically than others. blu hears you!

Once you’ve defined your favorite tweeters with ‘Faves’, you’ll be notified whenever your favorite people tweet.



Another example of how great user experience matters. Check out how to program in WPF in its official site

Windows Mobile 6.5 Officially Announced

Microsoft just announce Windows Mobile. I have copied some of the comments from a post in Channel 10.

The New Look of 6.5

The Windows Mobile 6.5 software features a brand-new home screen with improved touchscreen interface. The interface resembles a “honeycomb” with hexagonal tiles for each program – a UI that promises to be more “finger friendly.” The 6.5 software allows for “fat finger touching” on a resistive touch screen so you can make more precise touches without need of a stylus.

The new interface also lets you go directly to your voicemail, text messages, and email, right from the Lock Screen:

My Phone

As for the services shipping with Windows Mobile, the free My Phone service lets you manage and backup your personal info from your device to a password-protected web service. This makes upgrading from phone to phone easier since data can easily be restored from web to phone.  The service also provides a portal where mobile content – like personal photos – can be shared with others. My Phone is currently an invitation-only beta.

Obama is a PC??

Read an interesting article that says that President Barack Obama is a PC. Don’t know whether that’s true, but it sure is interesting info to share.


Some excerpts from the article.

Exhibit A: "He sees the Intel logo every morning." (Okay, it’s the only exhibit. But I’ve always wanted to say "Exhibit A," and this seemed like a good opportunity.) Now, many Apple products do use Intel chips, right? Mac systems, though — as the sharp folks over at All Things Digital, who first noticed the sure-to-be-contentious quote, point out — don’t flash the logo around in the way that PCs do. So, even if it’s just a result of the White House’s Windows system stockpile, it looks like the leader of the free world is likely a man of Microsoft.

Check out the full article here. Uh Oh, Apple Fans: Looks Like Obama Uses a PC

I'm on HWM Magazine

It is the first time for me to have my “face” in a magazine. Being a person who prefers to stay out of all this, it took me a long time and much persuasion from friends to put my picture in the article. As they say, people attached credibility when they can put a face to what people write. So being a pragmatic person, just “la” do it lo
Chris Leong on HWM
So this here’s my first article, about a Silverlight technogy with Deep Zoom feature. It allows you to zoom in to your pictures. 

You can download the softcopy here but the best way is. Buy a copy of HWM magazine; it features damn cool stuff about happenings in the IT world.
Here’s some links that you could checkout that I mentioned in the article

To view this, download Silverlight and here’s the softcopy of my Silverlight with DeepZoom article

Here are some snapshots of my article.


DeepZoom Tech

DeepZoom Tech


Hardrock - Best example of DeepZoom Technoglogy

Hardrock - Best example of DeepZoom Technoglogy


Some steps on how to do DeepZoom

Some steps on how to do DeepZoom

Obama's Inauguration with Microsoft Technologies

Just read some articles that Obama’s inauguration will be stream using Microsoft’s Silverlight technology…

Silverlight has been chosen to stream U.S. President-elect Barack Obama’s swearing-in ceremony live on the Presidential Inaugural Committee’s Web site. Microsoft is also working with CNN using its Photosynth technology. Check it out @ Silverlight to Stream Obama’s Inauguration and Microsoft, CNN team up to make historians out of inaugural attendees

Watch Obama here @

Obama on Silverlight

Learn how to Write Secure Codes in Microsoft DevTalk

Microsoft is having an event this Friday, 23rd Jan. Its all about how to write secure codes for your .NET applications. So for those folks who don’t need to balik “kampung” check it out.

Visit the link here to register yourself.

Dev Talk

If you feel like giving up? Watch this and be inspired

I always wanted to stay focus on stuff related to technology in my blog. But this clip really inspired me. It really makes me realized that how lucky we are and there should be no concrete reasons for us to give up. This reminds me of an email I read about

“if you complaint that you have crappy shoes, wait till you see a person without legs”

In this clip, I saw someone that have so many reasons to give up but did not. I don’t know about you guys, but I will be keeping this for a crappy day to pull myself up.

Cheers and enjoy