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Microsoft Launched “Wonderwall” in MSN site

Microsoft just launched “wonderwall” for readers to have a fun place to check out the celebrity gossip. Basically it runs on flash and allows people to scroll and browse through their favorite gossip.

Personally i think that this is a good idea but I’m not too thrill about it.

To me, this is only a catchy way to create a “one stop celebrity gossip” wall but would it attracts throng of people to visit it? I don’t think so. Personally, i don’t think it creates that much of a pull factor for people to go in. At the end of the day, its just a nice way to display existing data from MSN entertainment.

But hey, I might be wrong as I’m definitely not a fan of celebrity gossip and could not care less whether who dates Brad Pitt or what’s the latest celebrity couple who just got divorce.


Here’s some info from a site that reported on how Microsoft would like to differentiate this site from others.

Microsoft hopes to differentiate the site in two main ways:

Visually. "This site really makes use of the screen real estate. It uses large, beautiful photography, creates great, rich slide shows, video within the experience itself," Bennett said. Wonderwall will attempt to "decommoditize" the stream of celebrity images available from providers such as WireImage by packaging it in interesting ways and applying a unique "spin and voice" on top of it.

Editorially. The site will try to strike a balance between the "catty, snarky almost to the point of disrespectful" tone of TMZ, Defamer and PerezHilton on one end, and the "puff piece, always-positive on celebrities" tone of sites such as," he said.



How Obama use digital marketing to win the election

US President Barack Obama really impress me in the way he uses the internet to win the US election. I read in the news on how he successfully digitized his efforts in promoting his ideas and vision to the public. Since my current passion is to really study digital marketing, this will definitely be an area i want to study on.

After some searching, I finally found an analysis of how Obama uses that. To me this is a perfect document on how small businesses can leverage on digital marketing to promote their products against the big guys in the market.


I haven’t started reading it, but will do soon. But i would like to share it to everyone who’s interested. Here’s the document “Social Pulpit


Thanks to Guy Kawasaki for in showing the report in his blog and Edelman for compiling the report.

Kiss Off

I was browsing through the net during the holidays and found this interesting game develop to discourage youth from smoking in New Zealand. The name of the game is called Kiss Off.

Avoid Kissing the Smoker

Avoid Kissing the Smoker

Basically it’s a simple game where you need to avoid the grouchy and smelly smokers to reach your goal. What goal? The hot chick or hot hunk la of course. Then you will go through a game where you can practice your kissing skills using a mouse (lame but fun). What’s interesting about this is, it have unique names for different kind of kisses. Read the rest of this entry »

Another cool idea by Volkwagen

These folks are really good at getting attention. Volkswagen just came out with another cool digital marketing idea that I like.
They came out with a very fancy idea of introducing its features. It sort of simulates how useful it is in a real scenario. Instead of trying to figure out what this “Lane Assist” feature means, play a short game to understand what it is about.
Check it out @

Volkwage Cool Inovations

Volkwage Cool Inovations

Volkswagen Lane Assist

Volkswagen Lane Assist

Samsung Omnia – 42 good things

Samsung Omnia is not only a good phone, but are really creative in marketing it. Sometimes i do get tired of looking at all the phone specs and trying to figure out what does it really mean for me. Samsung came out with a creative way of showcasing all its features, YouTube style.

When i was browsing through it, i find myself hook to the videos. They did a lot of best practices in making this viral. For one, these are short clips, interesting and funny. Check is out here


They even create a facebook entry to keep users posted.

I’m a fan, are you?

Digi Yellow Man Pwned By Celcom

Just saw a funny youtube video about Celcom Vs Digi (South Park style)… I can’t wait for Digi’s fightback 🙂

Another funny way of creating one’s brand awareness through digital marketing

Create your own baby with Volkswagen

Of course not the real one. A virtual baby. Recently, I’ve just found a new marketing idea by Volkswagen to create the stickiness factor in digital marketing.

Not sure how’s the response, but I find it quite interesting and have tried it out by creating a baby of Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt (If they are still together la).

My thoughts

First, I don’t find the baby have any resemblance  with both Brad & Jennifer. At least I can’t find any. I’m always bad at seeing whether the baby looks like the father or mother.

But in terms of marketing value, I believe that they put a lot of thought into making it work.

1) The baby reacts to mouse movement. The baby’s head will move according to the direction of your mouse cursor

2) You can upload your picture and your partner’s picture or even search on the web for picture of others. (Hmmm… Now girls can fantasize on how their baby will look like with Brad Pitt as the father)

3) It’s simple to use.


Personally I find that this marketing idea can create awareness and good viral effect. But in terms of having brand or product awareness might be a bit weak. It only tells me that  I need to have a bigger car for the baby. But nothing much about why VW is THE car.


What do you think? Comment and tell me lar


Visit RoutanBabymaker to create your own baby




Marketing War – Apple vs Microsoft

You know that competition is intense when you see Microsoft having an “I’m an Pc” booth just outside of an Apple store. Basically its a counter strike towards Apple’s I’m a Mac ads. If you haven’t heard about the “I’m a PC” marketing campaign check it out in Microsoft’s I’m a PC site. I wonder when will Digi setup a booth near a Maxis store. I guess things will get pretty ugly with the telco soon. (Yeah to the consumer!!) 


I just saw an Ad by Digi about offering free phone if you sign up for a 24 months contract. I’m eagerly waiting for Maxis/Celcom to come out with more goodies. (I need a new phone!!!)




Info from AppleInsider and highlighted to me by Ali Therani

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What is Marketing?

An old forwarded email that uses a very funny way of describing marketing. What is digital Marketing?

I guess it will be something like this. I wish they use this kind of simple examples when i’m doing my marketing class. 🙂


You’re at a party and see a gorgeous girl.

You walk up to her and exchange Facebook IDs.

The next day you post on her wall and says, ‘Hi, I’m very rich, Marry Me.

That’s call Digital Marketing.


You see a gorgeous girl at a party.

You go up to her and say, ‘I am very rich. Marry me!’

That’s Direct Marketing.


You’re at a party with a

bunch of friends and see a gorgeous girl.

One of your friends goes up to her Read the rest of this entry »

US Elections – If the world could vote?

Just saw this interesting website that tries to get the world’s opinion about the US election. If the election is decided by us, Obama will sweep McCain. Check out the result in Up to date 600,000 people have voted.

It will be interesting to see whether Obama can really win….